New Rules

Riders can now park in the beach parking lot for an additional $10. Parking in this area will be first come, first serve.

No pets.

No coolers will be allowed on the beach. Please leave them in the vehicle. Littering and ants in the beach area are becoming a problem and we want to avoid this.

Overnight stays at the beach parking lot will now be available to anyone. The price is $50. Overnight stays in the front parking lot are $30..

The park reserves the right to search ALL vehicles for alcohol (travel trailers, RVs, automobiles) staying overnight.   Upon arrival, if the park finds alcohol it will be confiscated. Any alcohol found after initial confiscation, you will be asked to leave and you will forfeit all overnight and admission fees.

All RVs will now be parked by Florida Tracks and Trails security so the park can best utilize its space.

Alcohol service will be strictly enforced and control measures will be in place to prevent intoxicated patrons from operating a motor vehicle

ALL visitors will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to being granted access to the park

Safety Gear & Requirements

ALL RIDERS will be required to wear eye protection (glasses or goggles) while operating an ATV, UTV, go-cart, golf cart or dirt bike on the trail systems. Helmets are required for all dirt bike and quad riders/passengers. Riders in a side by side, go cart, or golf cart are not required to wear a helmet as long as their unit has a roof and/or roll bars. ALL GUESTS on a FTT rental unit will be required to wear a helmet.

Safety is a top priority at FTT. The minimum riding gear required at the park, at all times while operating your machine, is as follows:

ATV/UTV Track & Mud Track – Helmet, eyewear and closed toed shoes/sneakers. SXS/UTV riders will also be required to wear their seat belts.

Pro, Amateur, Beginner/Youth, and Pee-Wee MX Tracks – Helmet, Goggles and MX Style Riding Boots. We also highly recommend (not required) long sleeved shirts, pants, roost deflector and neck brace.

Beach Area

Lifeguards are on duty during swimming hours.

Overnight Stay Rules and Regulations

The park reserves the right to search all vehicles including R.Vs, automobiles, and travel trailers upon entry of the park and throughout your entire stay at the park

Alcoholic beverages strictly prohibited. Alcohol will be confiscated upon first warning. Second warning, confiscation and asked to leave the park and forfeiture of all overnight and admission fees.

No glass containers

No open fires

Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Display overnight stay pass where it can be easily viewed in windshield

Check out is 7 p.m. Sunday

Violation of Park Rules can result in being asked to leave. Anyone staying overnight and asked to leave will forfeit any and all fees paid for overnight stay and admission.