general information

Open Date: NOW OPEN!!!!
Hours of Operation:

EVERY WEEKEND The Recreation Park and amenities within will be open to the public SATURDAY – SUNDAY during the following hours:

  • RECREATION PARK: Gates/Admissions Open at 8:00AM
  • MOTOCROSS TRACKS ……. 8:00AM – 4:00PM ***The MX tracks close from 12pm-1pm for maintenance***
  • ATV TRAILS ……………………. 8:00AM – 6:00PM
  • TNT PAINTBALL …………….. 8:00AM – 6:00PM
  • THE BEACH …………………… 9:00AM – 6:00PM
  • TIKI GRILLE ………………………….. 8:00AM – 6:00PM

*Hours of operation are subject to change during special event weekends.

***The MX tracks close from 12pm-1pm for maintenance***

What’s Available:

At Florida Tracks & Trails, visitors will be able to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities such as

  • – A total of FOUR motocross tracks designed by Dream Traxx, a side-by-side track and a mud zone
  • – Pro Track is open once a month, check calendar for open track weekends
  • – 22+ miles of one directional ATV trails in Florida’s natural setting
  • – 80+ acres of action-packed paintball scenarios and speedball fields
  • -A fresh-water beach with acres of pure white sand, palms and clear cool water
  • – Full concessions & more

At Florida Tracks & Trails, safety is a top priority. In addition to having trained on-site safety officials positioned throughout the park, Florida Tracks & Trails has taken the following additional safety measures:

  • – FTT has worked with local law enforcement and EMS to create a project specific safety plan
  • – Trained staff and necessary first aid equipment
  • – A dedicated emergency lane allowing ambulance access throughout the park
  • – Alcohol service will be strictly enforced and control measures will be in place to prevent intoxicated patrons from operating a motor vehicle
  • – ALL visitors will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to being granted access to the park
Restroom Facilities:
Florida Tracks & Trails will offer restroom facilities located at various positions throughout the park.
Party Pavilion Rentals (COMING SOON):
For your special celebration, FTT will offer party pavilion rentals at an additional cost.  Custom party pavilion packages will be available to fit your planning needs on a reservation basis.

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